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Du Bruyn Attorneys is a dynamic firm that stays up to date with existing legal trends, but grounded in the core values of integrity and client-centricity.

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In keeping with our client-centric philosophies, we love sharing useful tips and advice to keep you informed in the modern South African legal Landscape

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Who we are and what we offer

Du Bruyn Attorneys was established when our Mr. W Du Bruyn saw a need in the legal profession for earnest and hardworking attorneys who hold their clients interest in the highest regard while maintaining the thirst neccesary to chase the principle of justice in our South African judicial process.

In times of need our attorneys strive to assist our clients as cost-effectively as possible and are able to assist our clients with almost every aspect of the South African legal system whether Criminal Law as defense attorney, Civil Law as Plaintiff or Defendant or Labour Law as Applicant or Respondent.

Our attorneys have the capability to assist our clients in many fields of law including:

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law - Including Divorces, Maintenance and childcare disputes
  • Labour Law
  • Collections

The above is only a brief outline of the services in which our attorneys specialize and shows the wide range of experience our attorneys have acquired.

Should you have a legal dispute or query, please feel free to submit a query, contact us  or even stop by our offices.